Join Nadine Alameh on a whirlwind exploration of why the world needs interoperability, the challenges industries face globally with innovation, and why diversity is so important for a better future.

Explore the importance of the open-source community to the broader geospatial community with Nyall Dawson, delving into his journey, his love of cartography and the future of our industry.

Join Karen Joyce to examine the importance of getting children excited about spatial and surveying, about helping teachers have resources in this space, and why diversity is so important for our industry’s future.

Hear from Bruce Thompson about how spatially-enabled digital twins will transform the future of many industries as well as our geospatial industry, and what the future of work will look like.

How do we as an industry need to better tell our story to our clients and potential clients as we adopt new ways of doing things and new technologies? Listen to sage advice from Adam Ferrier!

Join the CEO of Cross River Rail Delivery Authority, Graeme Newton, to hear about some real-life examples of how convergences take place, why collaboration can create better business outcomes and why innovation brings it all together.