Call for Abstracts


These sub-themes are intentionally broad to encapsulate a diverse range of ideas, projects or conversations in the space of ‘Convergence, Collaboration and Community – Towards a Stronger Economy’. We welcome submissions from any industry area, such as:

Whether your idea, business project or conversation falls into one of these or something else entirely, we want to hear about what you’re doing. We urge you to submit your abstract as early as possible to avoid missing the cut-off date. You will need to include the following when submitting your abstract online;

  • The title of your abstract
  • The body of your abstract (maximum 400 words)
  • A brief biography of the presenter
  • Presentation type (full-length talk [approx. 20 minutes] or lightning presentation [approx. 5-10 minutes])
  • 3 keywords (e.g. smart cities, safety, women).
  • Whether you would like to champion this as a session at The Hub (see details here)
  • Whether your paper is aimed at Young Professionals
  • Whether your paper is based on research