Teresa Townsend

Chief Executive Officer, Planning Communities

Teresa Townsend, AICP, is the Immediate Past President of URISA, an SSSI affiliate organization in the US, serving in various leadership roles with the organization over the past decade. Teresa is a founding partner and Chief Executive Officer of Planning Communities, an urban planning and environmental socially-responsible firm, and has been a leader in integrating geospatial sciences in community, transportation and environmental planning for more than 25 years. As a seasoned urban and environmental professional planner, she is known for her deep passion for creativity and love of data to understand social and environmental complexities. Foundational to her core beliefs in social and environmental responsibility, her work spans and is integrated across disciplines into key focus areas of community visioning, climate action plans, urban function and design, land use planning, smart cities, zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure, urban greening to achieving equitable sustainable futures.

Teresa’ s passionate approach and ability to strategize creatively around complex challenges and create action-oriented plans offers extensive insight, tools and resources and training opportunities that engage communities, organizations and individuals in envisioning their futures and taking steps now to build towards those outcomes.