Simon Kuestenmacher

Director of Research at The Demographics Group

Simon Kuestenmacher is the Director of Research at The Demographics Group based in Melbourne Australia and a rising star in data animation and interpretation. In just two years he has amassed 125,000 followers globally who enjoy his insights and his quirky observational style.

Simon holds degrees in geography from leading universities in Berlin and Melbourne and worked for several years as a business consultant with KPMG Australia. A columnist for The Australian newspaper, he is also one of the two co-founders of The Demographics Group and an emerging media commentator on demographic and data matters. He is frequently sought out by SkyNews, The Project, newspapers and radio stations across Australia to comment on demographic megatrends and the future of Australia.

Simon was named one of the world’s Top 50 influencers in data science by, he reaches over 30 million people every month through his Twitter account. Simon speaks on demographic trends, consumer insights and cultural change in Australia.
His work is best appreciated by groups from the financial services, property, education, technology, retail and professional services industries.