Erin Peterson

Principal Research Fellow, Queensland University of Technology

Erin Peterson is an Associate Professor at the Queensland University of Technology, Institute for Future Environments (IFE), where she leads the IntelliSensing Enabling Platform. She is internationally recognized for her transdisciplinary research in spatial science, which sits at the interface of geographic information science, landscape ecology, and applied statistics. Her research is increasingly focused on the development of quantitative methods for spatio-temporal analytics; near real-time data collected using in situ sensors; accounting for data quality and uncertainty when combining different data sources, including citizen-science data; and IntelliSensing software for real-time workflows. This research is exciting because it is almost always motivated by real-world challenges in the area of regional monitoring program design, assessment, and reporting. As such, she works closely with national and international government agencies, as well as industry bodies responsible for natural resource management. This ensures that the methods she develops are used to support data-enabled management decisions that enhance environmental, social, and economic sustainability.