Young Professionals Symposium


Young professionals are the future of the industry – they are open minded and open to change and innovation, they can be agile in their responses to change, and they are generally not entwined with organisational politics and hence able to be visionary in their ideas for the future. Young Professionals are keen to learn and open to guidance and mentoring, and willing to learn how current systems work so they can work to improve them.

The Young Professionals Symposium at Locate19 on Wednesday 10 April from 0830 – 1220 will provide a forum for engagement of young professionals and students in our field, helping them to understand the key debates and issues that are happening in the industry and to formulate and express their ideas in these. The Symposium will provide open with a space for young professionals to hear from industry leaders about why it’s important to engage young professionals and to share their own experiences of how they’re making an impact in the industry. The Symposium will lead to the creation of a White Paper on the discussions from this session, as the voice of students and young professionals in the industry, to lead into Young Professionals initiatives at Locate20.

Need help to encourage your employer to approve your attendance at Locate19? Click HERE to download a template letter outlining the benefits to your employer for attending!


The SSSI Young Professionals Mentoring Program 2019 facilitates mentoring connections between students nearing the end of their degree, or professionals who have recently started working in the industry and have come from other fields, with more experienced professionals. This is a structured, fixed term program from July to October 2019, and will include fortnightly meetings between mentors and mentees to discuss eight given topics. For more information, please click here, or apply now!