The Hub

introducing the hub at locate19

There is a great opportunity to harness the energy of Locate to establish and promote the value of geospatial services across a variety of sectors. The Hub, supported by ThinkPlace, will offer an opportunity for delegates, exhibitors, industry bodies, government, academia and nonspatial experts to engage and collaborate. The space will be located in the central area of the Locate Exhibition and promises to deliver the following;

• Add new dynamics to the existing packages of conference content
• Provide opportunities for unstructured and dynamic conversations around the conference themes
• Deliver a richer experience for delegates, to move them beyond engagement with powerpoint presentations towards direct interaction with key thought leaders and industry experts
• Provide more than audience participation opportunities at panels and support delegates to drive industry discussions and considerations
• Build and maintain a community, by exciting people to attend and participate in Locate every year, and continue the dialogue outside of the Locate events.


The activities at The Hub will be relevant to a wide range of our conference attendees, including:
Exhibitors: providing multiple platforms and methods by which you can communicate with existing and potential new clients
Industry bodies: opportunities to engage with members and understand the needs of the industry
• Government representatives: opportunities to explore policy requirements and test new policy with feedback mechanisms
Academics: opportunities to seek feedback on research and develop collaborative opportunities with industry and government
Conference Delegates from all walks of the industry: opportunities to participate in a full and diverse program which extends beyond the usual topics and people, and provides opportunities to participate, challenge and interact
People from related industries, ‘the unusual suspects’: opportunities to find niches within the spatial and surveying industry to collaborate and innovate

Victorian Digital Transformation session

Victoria’s rapidly growing future demands a unified digital response to ensure the State’s vision is realisable. Hear from Dr Collette Burke, Victoria’s Chief Engineer on the implementation of the Victorian Digital Asset Strategy (VDAS) to improve the way infrastructure projects are defined, delivered and maintained. With the aim to capture and integrate all existing and emerging Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Engineering (DE) data, VDAS will be instrumental in ensuring Victoria’s projects and assets are designed, constructed, operated and maintained in a systemic and unified digital landscape, and that decision making is backed by evidence and aligned with the State’s objectives.

The Victorian Government is working towards building smart cities by integrating technology such as RFID tags and highly accurate Digital Cadastre maps, as well as preparing our cities for the roll out of autonomous vehicles and increasing public transport use. With inspiration from our neighbours, geospatial technology, GIS, and subsurface data will play a critical role as we design and build cities ready for the future.

Dr Burke will discuss the above and more, alongside Craig Sandy from 10am on Monday 8th April in The Hub. To attend this session, you will need to register for Market Day which is FREE. To register please CLICK HERE.