Dr Rob Newman

RobNearmap2 (002)Rob was appointed as CEO of Nearmap on October 2015, after having been a Non-Executive Director of nearmap (formerly ipernica) for almost 5 years.

He has established a unique track record as a successful Australian high technology entrepreneur in both Australia and Silicon Valley. He has twice founded and built businesses based on Australian technology, both times successfully entering overseas markets.

Rob is a trained engineer but has spent his career in marketing, business development and general management in Information Technology focusing on communications. Rob also spent ten years of his career as a venture capitalist cofounding Stone Ridge Ventures, and was previously an investment director for Foundation Capital. As a venture capitalist, Rob has extensive experience in identifying and helping grow companies with significant commercial potential, especially those addressing overseas markets.

In the 1980’s, Rob was the inventor and co-founder of QPSX Communications Pty Ltd. After founding the company, Rob provided the technical leadership and product strategy. Rob was instrumental in establishing QPSX as a worldwide standard for Metropolitan Area Networks and the company successfully sold products to Telecommunication Carriers in Australia, Europe, Asia and the US.

Dr Newman has been recognised with a number of awards including the Bicentennial BHP Pursuit of Excellence Award (Youth Category) and Western Australian Young Achiever of the Year 1987.

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